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Innovative Multi-Purpose Panel Systems 

Now Available in the U.S.A., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico 

Central America and South America

Supporting Engineers, Developers, General Contractors,Concrete Panel Manufacturers, End Users to deliver innovative infrastructure solutions.

SDG's - Balance & Interconnectivity

TriTek Bio- Regional Systems  has an Exclusive International Licensing Agreement with the patent holders of Schema Precast System (SPS).


SPS has been specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality precast products for almost a decade.


The SPS precast is a multipurpose precast which can be used for wide range of application such as wave breaker, bridge foundation, pre loading sands, cliff retaining wall, road infrastructure, land reclamation, water dam, and river structuring.


Patented in 2008, SPS has been used for various private sector or government project, locally and globally.


The SPS has been proven as an effective and reliable solution for many infrastructures project where environmental and landscape challenge the most. SPS is proven reducing project time delivery without compromising the quality at lower cost, compare to another engineering solution.

What is the SPS

                                                  Schema Precast System (SPS)

SPS is a “Multipurpose Panel System”


SPS can be used for any type of design or structure which delivers a new innovation which is cost effective with faster construction times and is Environmentally friendly.


SPS is designed and engineered in accordance with German Standard DIN 1045 (Plain, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures; design and construction standards).


In last 10 years $65M USD of projects have been completed, and $10M USD in progress currently.


The system is the “only” method for all Indonesian government tenders, whereby all suppliers must use the SPS system for engineering projects, meaning SPS is part of every project that it provides a solution to: all landslide, river flooding, dams, roads,etc.


The system is primarily a geo-tech engineering product whereby the patent invention provides a superior way of solving engineering infrastructure solutions. There is no movement of the system and therefore all “scouring” alike traditional systems is not evident for all structures in place. (No SPS projects have required any maintenance) Multipurpose, Cost effective, Superior, Aesthetic, Long life​

The SPS Construction System Video

Additional SPS Construction


The SPS advantages


  • Does not need sheet piles

  • Is manufactured according to quality standards. Now Available in the U.S.A., Canada and the   Caribbean

  • Is easy to construct, vertically or horizontally

  • Can be filled with a mixture of local materials, sand or stone

  • Serves as a counterweight

  • Is a monolith (Large strength to weight ratio)

  • Is dynamic load resistant, has denser stuffing, controlled geometry and structural alignment    if there is a decrease it will be evenly distributed

  • Can accept the flow of water beyond the height of the structure (over-topping)

  • Is more effective and efficient in land use and demand

  • Has high aesthetics and appearance can be tailored

  • Has a long life - minimum maintenance cost

  • Is multi-functional for various types of construction works

TriTek Bio Regional Systems L.L.C.

Supporting Global Sustainable Development Goals at water and land "edges"

Achieved Through Systems thinking

SDG's - Balance & Interconnectivity

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