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The name TriTek Bio-Regional Systems, LLC evolved from considering

  1. The triumvirate and collaborative nature of the founders

  2. A focus on regional problems and solutions

  3. Applying Systems thinking to problem solving

  4. Delivering innovative products and services that increase peoples’ ability to be self-sufficient and resilient

  5. The regenerative nature of our endeavors

  6. A desire to increase the well-being of our stakeholders


The company is committed to:


  1. Adopting a collaborative methodology for problem solving and organizational development for all its stakeholders

  2. Adopting the organization: Model of Sustainable Organization (MOSO)

  3. Multidimensional Systems and bio matrix thinking within and across social, economic, ecological and world view planes

  4. Finding solutions within problems

  5. Observing patterns within nature that can be reflected in our systems.

  6. Adopting solutions, based on the laws of Physics by applying the principles behind light and electromagnetism


The objectives of TriTek Bio-Regional Systems,LLC business is to:

  • Introduce an innovative multipurpose panel system into USA, Canada and Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, for use in large scale infrastructure projects where ever there is an edge between water and land

  • Demonstrate the multipurpose panel system is, over its economic life, more cost effective, versatile, environmentally friendly and takes less time to install than current alternatives.

  • Demonstrate that a low technical based solution is effective as a building flood mitigation system for use in North America, Central and South America  and the Caribbean

  • Protect buildings from the ravages of flood water damage

  • Increase employment opportunities on a regional (county) basis that sales of the company's products offerings attract

  • Generate "export" revenue for regions (Counties) from the licensing and royalties from licensees to design, fabricate and install the company's building flood Mitigation product in USA, Canada and Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America

Our Vision is:

To see regenerated Bio-Regions where relationships and well being of people and ecosystems exhibit resilience


Our Mission is:

To facilitate infrastructure development at  "edges" where land meets water

TriTek Bio Regional Systems L.L.C.

Supporting Global Sustainable Development Goals at water and land "edges"

Achieved Through Systems thinking

SDG's - Balance & Interconnectivity

Downloadable Booklet

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